August 28, 2013

Thanks again to Dave Kenworthy and his trusty ultralight, we have some more aerial photos to share with you showing progress on the tidal marsh restoration portion of the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project. These were taken August 14th.
We’re entering the home stretch of this first phase. All the interior pilot slough channels have been dug, except for the places where they will be connected to the Salt River channel. Work on this portion of the mainstem Salt River is about 80-85% complete. The dragline has about another 11 days of work in the channel and the excavators are cleaning up side slopes and catching those sections of the channel that had to be skipped to avoid nesting birds.
The setback berm is almost completely at grade and continues to be compacted in advance of being topped with a gravel road.
We’re looking ahead to having the tidegates installed, finish grading the interior marsh area, and seeding and mulching the site over the next few weeks.
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