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Who are we?

To learn more about the Salt River restoration project and the Salt River Watershed Council, go here to view a short film.

Eel River Delta

The Salt River Watershed Council is a public benefit non-profit corporation founded by landowners throughout the Salt River watershed who have a vested interest in the restoration and the maintenance of this valuable resource.   In conjunction with the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District (HCRCD), a major restoration project is being planned.

A hundred years ago, the Salt River was a healthy waterway.  Over time, sediment eroded from the Wildcat Hills into the tributaries and caused flooding on the surrounding agricultural lands, roads and residences.  A multi-year and multi-million dollar restoration project is now underway to remove sediment, provide adequate drainage and restore the river, tributaries, habitat and wildlife.  The Salt River Watershed Council was formed by concerned landowners in the watershed.  Once the restoration project is completed, it is the council’s responsibility to:

  • achieve a balance between agricultural use and environmental concerns
  • encourage stewardship for the preservation of the Salt River Watershed, its habitat and wildlife
  • educate the community on the importance of this watershed
  • collaborate with local watershed groups and government agencies
  • obtain funding to monitor and maintain this vital resource

The Salt River Watershed is located within the Eel River Valley near Ferndale, California.