September 19, 2013


During the past two weeks project contractor Anderson Dragline, Inc has been working hard, putting the finishing touches on the restored tidal marsh and slough channel that comprises the first phase of the larger Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project. The dragline is making steady progress and widening the last few hundred feet to finish the restored tidal slough channel. We’ve included another aerial view of the project area taken September 15th, courtesy of Dave Kenworthy.
Last week three tidegates were installed by Nehalem Marine (photo attached) and  this week trucks have been delivering the rock for the road that will top the setback berm (photo attached).
Miller Farms of McKinleyville started applying erosion control seed and mulch over the disturbed soils and will continue to work over the next several weeks.
This week Steve Morris Logging has been grinding and chipping the woody debris that resulted from the intial clearing and grubbing that took place several months ago. Some of the chips will be used as mulch in areas that will be planted with riparian vegetation.
We had our first bit of rain this week with more in the forecast and this may cause a few adjustments to our schedule over the next few weeks. Buttoning up all the final details will take a bit of time and everything will need to be in place before the coffer dams can start to be pulled.
There are three coffer dams in the project and removing them must be coordinated with the tides. This means that the actual date to start removing the coffer dams is a bit of a moving target, but we’re anticipating that it will happen sometime the first two weeks of October.
Meanwhile, McCullough Construction is slated to begin building construction entrances off Port Kenyon road and removing vegeation from the interior of the corridor. This work is taking place in preparation for restoration work on the Salt River channel next year. The design plans for this next phase of restoration are being finalized and the work is expected to go out to bid sometime in the winter.
photo2 _DSC1871