September 6, 2013

There’s a hint of fall in the air and the construction season is starting to wind down for Phase 1 of the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project.
As of this first week of September, Anderson Dragline, Inc has the setback berm built to grade and is in the process of finishing up the Salt River channel and internal grading.
Nehalem Marine has arrived on site and started installing the 3 tidegates for the project. The schedule is to have all three tidegates installed this week; clearing the way for the access road to be built along the top of the setback berm the week of the 16th. Miller Farms is coordinating with the team and getting ready to apply seed and mulch for erosion control.
GHD, Inc is finalizing the lower phase 2 design plans and the project team has been meeting with folks along the lower phase 2 footprint as we get ready to remove vegetation from a portion of the phase 2 channel footprint this month and next.