The 2015 Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project is in Full Swing!

Phase 2 of the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project has begun its 2015 construction season.  Sediment removal has begun just east of the Dillon Road bridge where the construction concluded last November.   Sediment is also being removed from the Salt River channel just below Ferndale’s Waste Water Treatment plant.  Trucks carrying sediment are exiting the construction site daily.   The sediment is being deposited on the Cahill Dairy on Fulmor Road. This phase of the project will conclude in October.

In addition, the Francis Creek culvert on Port Kenyon Road will be replaced with a new structure by the Humboldt County Public Works Department in August.  The work will include clearing 75 feet of the Francis Creek channel on both sides of Port Kenyon Road.

Photos of the Salt River Project construction sites and “before” photos of the Francis Creek existing culvert are available to view on the Salt River Watershed website.


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Treasurer and Board Member of Salt River Watershed Council, a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit, since its inception in 2008.
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