August 8, 2013

It’s the week of August 5th and we’re starting our third month of construction on the first phase of the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project. We’ve been very lucky with the dry weather so far and work is still proceeding substantially on schedule.  
In this phase of the project the Salt River channel is being widened and deepened; starting from its upstream confluence with Reas Creek and continuing downstream to the confluence with Cutoff Slough. Work is also underway to lower the interior of the phase 1 project area to provide a substantial increase in tidal prism (the volume of water exchanged on each tidal cycle). The reason we need tidal prism is to keep the sediments that are in the water suspended so they’ll be carried all the way through the system and out to sea.
Of the 42 discrete construction-related tasks to be completed by the Contractor, 55% are now at 90%-100% complete. Several others are at 30%-50% complete. The remaining tasks are on schedule to be completed in the next two months.
During August, we expect to finish construction of the setback berm and to continue to excavate the Salt River channel. New tidegates designed to improve stormwater drainage from the adjacent parcels are being built and will be installed in the next month or so.
Our nursery plant and seed collection contractors have plants growing and seed is being collected for re-vegetation this fall.
The Project Team has also been working to finalize details of the Phase 2 design plans and incorporating many of the “lessons learned” from Phase 1 to help the next phase go smoothly.